Holiday in Porto

My love affair with Port started a while ago but really ramped up last year when I got to visit Porto during harvest. It was an amazing opportunity and I loved learning all about this beautiful fortified wine on location in Portugal. I am bringing a little bit of my trip home by creating a delish warm cocktail to celebrate the holidays as well as a reminiscence about my trip. Warm cocktails are a great way to enjoy the cooler weather and are a fun treat to add to your regular cocktail rotation. I am using the Croft Reserve Tawny Port for my easy-to-make hot toddy-inspired holiday cocktail.

Croft was founded over 400 years ago in 1588 and is skilled in aging as well as blending the very finest Ports. The Croft Reserve Tawny Port is one of my favorite Port expressions to use in cocktails as well as to sip.  The expression is aged up to 7 years in oak casks which gives it an amber color, silky smoothness, and mellow flavors. Some of the tasting notes include cardamom, spice, butterscotch, and strawberry jam flavors.

These tasting notes complement the components of my cocktail which brings out the flavors of the Port without covering it up.



  1. Add all the ingredients except the hot water to your serving glass 
  2. Stir then top with hot water 
  3. Garnish with a clove-studded orange peel    

The Croft Reserve Tawny Port and Fonseca BIN 27 make the perfect holiday gifts and are available online via Drizly.