Beautiful Booze visits Mexico City for Tales of the Cocktail on Tour

Beautiful Booze visits Mexico City for Tales of the Cocktail on Tour

This year Tales of the Cocktail visited Mexico City for its second and final year for the On Tour segment which changes location every 2 years. Along with some very informative seminars, this event takes some of the world’s best cocktail bartenders and places them in selected bars in a chosen city for an assortment of parties, competitions, and even some product releases.

Beautiful Booze was fortunate enough to attend the festivities this year and had an incredible experience exploring the best venues Mexico City had to offer. The events were spread out across various neighborhoods that are most popular within the city, such as Centro Histórico, Condesa, Colonia Roma, and Polanco. Visiting these regions and observing the differences in the beautiful architecture and lifestyles really made us fall in love with this city.

Tales of the Cocktail on Tour is spread out over 3 days and each is full of different events for the attendees to keep them busy. There is more than sufficient drinking, eating, and exploring to be done for those who are able to attend. Be sure to click on the links at the conclusion of each summary for more in detail articles written by Beautiful Booze on what each day offered.

Day 1 started with cocktails made by the master mixologists from Angostura; then we got to try diverse variations of spirits created with agave at the Agave Happy Hour before heading upstairs to experience a Virtual Reality expedition of the Patron Hacienda. Before the day was complete we also tried some cocktails prepared by several brands included in the William Grant & Sons portfolio. Take a look at the Beautiful Booze Top Five Experiences from Day 1 at Tales of the Cocktail on Tour in Mexico City for more details.

Day 2 started somewhat slower, with exceptional seminars spanning most of the day where the attendees absorb as much knowledge as they could from some of the most knowledgeable intellectuals within the industry. Once discussions were finished for the day we took off to Taberna Luciferina (closed) for a “house party” featuring spirits from around the globe. We eventually moved on and ventured out on an all-night expedition taking us on an adventure throughout Mexico City to some of its finest bars. For an in-depth look at Tales of the Cocktail on Tour Day 2 make sure to read our post on Seminars, Dynamic Duos, and Cocktail Tours.

Day 3 was entirely distinctive again; attendees commenced the day by getting on a bus and exploring the blending facilities of Bacardi Rum. Once we returned to Mexico City brunch was organized at a preferred resident mezcaleria, where we sampled great Mexican cuisine and mezcal cocktails accompanied by live music. The W Mexico City was an enjoyable hotel bar to visit afterward and appreciate fresh Gin and Tonics before finishing the day at a speakeasy for the release of the exceptionally delicious Ancho Reyes Verde. For the full rundown please read Exploration into the realm of Rum, Mezcal, Gin, and Ancho Reyes by Beautiful Booze.