4 Fun Craft Beer Cocktails to Give Your Local Brewery Some Love

Beer is often an economical alternative to wines and liquors one may serve at parties, especially large gatherings. The innovative move to beer cocktails is an easy way to instantly add class to a get-together without attaching a huge price tag. What’s more, you can find the ingredients in the following recipes conveniently at your local brewery store or the grocery store.

Spicy Chili Beer

Fresh chili peppers can highlight or serve as a contrast to any beer you’re brewing. When to add the chili peppers can be as big a decision as what kind of peppers to use. The earlier you add chili peppers, the more their aroma and flavor will be toned down by the hops or malts. Habanero chilis pair well with Citra hops, while the mildness of green chilis goes with sweeter malts. Eckraus explains, you can add your chili peppers to the boiling stage, the primary fermentation batch, the secondary fermentation batch, or directly to the end product. Each step increases the presence (heat, flavor, and aroma) of the chilis.

Apple and Pumpkin Beer Cocktail

There’s a classic cocktail to fit every holiday, and Halloween and Thanksgiving are no exceptions. It’s easy to quickly mix up an apple and pumpkin beer cocktail if you have some standard household ingredients like apple cider, lemon juice, and bourbon whiskey. Add your featured element, pumpkin ale, and you have a cocktail that will be sure to impress. Denver Microbrew Tour explains that pumpkin beer is a fast-growing specialty in the craft beer world, although it’s quite seasonal. Dazzle your guests further with a garnish of cinnamon sticks and cranberries. This can be a fun fall treat for beer enthusiasts.

Coupe de Ville

Recipe Savants explains that a Coupe de Ville is an irresistible cocktail that blends one’s appreciation for a good beer with the passion inspired by a Cadillac margarita. Like a sauce, you add the beer to the beverage just before serving. The beer adds a little fizz to an otherwise smooth drink. Citrus flavors of orange and lime complement both the beer and the tequila. Use a light Mexican lager for best results.


If you’re a beer lover, then Brewgria is a spectacular take on the Sangria concept. Liquor.com explains, fruits remain at the core of the drink, but you substitute beer for the wine. The cocktail doesn’t stray too far, however, using a blend of summer-seasonal beer and Framboise or a raspberry brew. These flavors blend deliciously with pears, orange slices, apples, and various berries.

Making craft beer cocktails is an easy, affordable, and fun way to bring a novel and pleasing flair to your parties.

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